My name is Catherine, I grew up in Midland, Michigan and now live in Edenville. As the sixth generation of my family to live in this area, I’ve grown up knowing stories about the old days of Midland County and our family histories. I’ve developed a feeling of connection with the land and with the history of our region in Mid-Michigan. Imagining Great-great-great grandpa Loring Winslow heading out from Vermont for a new adventure, finally buying land and settling in Ingersoll Township; or Great-great grandpa John Swanton clearing his Edenville farm with only one good arm following a bullet wound from the Civil War – the personal connections help to capture my imagination when I drive by or walk through these places that hold so much hidden history.

As I’ve gotten older and been able to learn more about historical research, I’ve really enjoyed taking the bits and pieces I remember from stories and start putting them into larger historical context using primary and secondary source materials such as census records and historical newspapers.

This blog will be my spot to share historical research. My primary focus is on places that I’ve felt affinity for, through family or personal experience, including Midland County, Lansing, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Maine, and Vermont. I’m also interested in photography, cartography, farming, and food, as well as women’s history and the Civil War. Thank you for visiting and sharing my interests.